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Who are your shareholders?

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BHRD Shareholder Platform

A powerful tool to manage and target investors

A typical IR team is stretched thin as it is.

The last thing you have time for is to monitor the activities of investors and assess how they impact your firm. That's where we come in.


The most advanced targeting engine

We monitor the activities of investors in real-time to identify signals, and then provide targeted recommendations on who you should be talking to and why.

Are they at risk of dumping your stock or is there an opportunity to increase holdings?

Our platform is further enhanced by your interactions to provide more accurate recommendations over time.

Accurate and organized insights

Similar to profiling customers based on their entire purchase history, BHRD helps you to get inside the minds of investors before actions are made.

Our enriched CRM and roadshow preparation tools are everything you need to keep track of your investor interactions with simple one-click reporting to keep your board and management apprised of your efforts.

Not just another public data feed

Think of our platform as your personal IR Associate that helps you monitor and analyze your shareholder base every day to ensure you have access to the insights you need to run a successful practice.

Get in front of the right shareholders and effectively target your next press release, marketing campaign, conference call or roadshow.

Shareholder Analysis

Got a mess of shareholder data? Let us help.

The current regulatory framework makes it extremely difficult for companies to gain much needed insight about their shareholders. That’s where we come in.

BHRD helps public companies understand their shareholder base and provides actionable intelligence to help further shareholder engagement. We provide your board and management with a comprehensive overview of who own your stock.

What is the insight critical for your company?

  • OBO composition analysis
  • IR tools and strategy optimization
  • FPI (Foreign Private Issuer) reporting
  • Exchange listings review
  • (Activist) shareholder monitoring
  • Peer analysis
  • Governance review
  • Roadshow/marketing optimization

Shareholder Analytics
Shareholder Distribution

Shareholder Distribution

Who holds what shares? Get a high-level view on who is holding shares. This analysis includes all your registered and beneficial (NOBO + OBO) shareholders and details number of accounts and % of issued and outstanding (I/O) held at specific ranges.

Geographic Analysis

Geographic Analysis

Where are your shareholders? We provide a breakdown of registered and beneficial shareholders, grouped by state/province and foreign country with a graph to show clusters – comply with your FPI reporting or plan your next roadshow.


Enhanced Analysis

Bespoke and tailored analysis - We combine the analysis above and aggregate data from multiple other public and proprietary sources to give you a deeper dive into your shareholders. See how ownership trends over time and be first to identify the warning signs with any large accumulations.

"BHRD is exactly the type of player we needed in this industry. They perform extensive analysis and worked with us build a targeted strategy so we could develop the right relationships with our shareholders."

-TSXV Issuer, BHRD Client

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