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Shareholder Analysis

Track your shareholders with ease

Too many companies are using a mix of spreadsheets and email folders to manage their shareholder information. Others have spent tens, if not hundreds, of thousands on 3rd party advisors to manage it all. Our platform automates the entire process by aggregating and analyzing your shareholder data at a fraction of the time and cost.

A few questions that can be answered:

  • In what geography are shareholders buying or selling? Are there cities where your firm should be more active?
  • Should your messaging and materials be targeted for specific audiences?
  • Is there a lot of retail turnover? Why is it happening and how do we stop it?



Contact Relationship Management

Keep track of all your past, current and prospective shareholders

We make it easy for you to engage with your shareholders, keep track of all the activities and make sure that nothing is forgotten. Behind the scenes, BHRD analyzes your logs against survey results and market data to flag items that require attention.

  • Build a full profile of each client including sentiment, expectations, principles and investing behaviours
  • Organize your retail shareholders into groups based on their characteristics
  • Record your meetings, calls and notes within the platform

Engagement Tools

What do your Shareholders really think?

To encourage more meaningful and collaborative dialogues, public companies are adopting new ways of interacting with shareholders.

Meeting the trend toward shareholders’ rising demands for greater influence in corporate decision-making means understanding the importance of building shareholder goodwill and trust.

One of the most effective ways continues to be shareholder surveys that help companies connect with the shareholder, understand their views and ensure alignment. From industry best practices, the platform provides an easy and consistent way to learn more and engage with your entire base of shareholders. Areas typically addressed include:

  • Alignment with long term vision
  • Confidence in management team
  • Opinion on share price


Bank-Grade Security

Rest easy knowing that we meet and exceed national security standards for financial and data security

All communication on our Platform is encrypted using the latest Secure Hash Algorithm 2 (SHA2) SSL Certificates. This standard is utilized by top financial institutions and ensures no data is intercepted by unauthorized parties.


“We're a small cap without a big budget and this tool was perfect! It centralized all my shareholder management and allowed me to focus on the business.”

- Less than $20M Market Cap TSXV CFO

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